Name: Aleš Katona
Occupation: Software Engineer
Github: https://github.com/almindor

Purpose of this blog

This blog serves as my personal blog. Its main categories are listed below.


Any projects, thoughts and findings related to the Rust programming language will be blogged about, at least when I have the time to do so.


Projects related to the RISC-V architecture as part of the RISC-V team in the Rust embedded group.

I’ll try to convey my thoughts and learnings as I go and experiment with bare metal applications running on my Hifive1-revB RISC-V board and other interesting things related to Rust development.

ASCII and games

I’ve started experimenting with ASCII Art for use in text-only games. My first foray into this territory is the release of Texel ASCII Art Editor. I’m hoping to learn more I try to write a simple text based game with it.

Previous blogs

This isn’t my first blog per se. I used to run the lNet blog in ancient times, but it was specific to the library. Same story with my old Etherwall blog.